Baang Coffee, NO MORE

March 21, 2008 at 2:47 pm (All About Food)

There’s this coffee house called Baang Coffee in Tomas Morato.  Heard that it is owned by Randy Santiago (famous actor-singer in PH).  Chanced upon it 4 years ago, I think, and I got hooked.  Why?  I just love their Chicken Parmigiana and Cheesecake!I brought most of my friends in said establishment since I want them to experience what I always crave for.  Although I always have this warning that the shop is not that 100% friendly since their crews seems to be cold and uptight… not your usual Starbucks peeps.  But, who cares… their food are great and that’s all that  matters – until last week….

Did I mention already that I frequent that place?  Well, I do and I have credit card receipts to prove it.  I have friends to prove it as well since most of them would know about this place thru me.  And we don’t just hang out there (they have free wi-fi) since we normally eat a full meal, indulge ourselves in their cheesecake and gourmet coffee – in short, we normally spend about 400 bucks each per visit.

Okay.. let’s go straight to the point – now that I have established that I frequent that place 🙂

Last Thursday, Kathy, Patchi and Jen met and had dinner in Baang.  We all ordered Pasta and went on to reminisce our good old MBA memories (we were all classmates in La Salle’s Masters Program in Greenhills Campus).  Until I brought out the chocolate of Patchi, which was a ‘pasalubong’ from Kathy from her latest trip in Europe.  Unfortunately, the chocolate was not on its best form and became powdery already so I had to ask for a spoon so we can still enjoy all its glory.  I never knew that said spoon would be ‘priceless.’

This crew, called Bong and supposedly a Supervisor, was rude and tactless in denying me a spoon!

Bong:  San mo ito gagamitin?  (Where will you use this?) <unfriendly tone>

Ritchie:  <surprised>  Ah… sa chocolate… (On my chocolate)

Bong:  Di pwede.  Di kami nagpapahiram ng gamit dito pag di dito binili ang pagkain. (No I can’t lend you this, especially for food not bought here)

Ritchie:  Eh kumain naman kami dito e (We just ate here)

Bong:  Di nga pwede as per policy…. etc etc etc (I said you may not, as per our policy.. etc etc)

It was actually okay if I get denied for my simple request.  What wasn’t okay was the manner, which, as mentioned above, was rude and tactless.  When I came back to my seat to tell my horror story to my 3 friends, there was this voice at the counter repeating and shouting ‘as per policy nga di pwede.. etc etc‘ What an A**! Damn, I deserve that f*cking spoon and let me count the ways:

– have I told you that I frequent that store?

– have I told you that I brought most of my friends in that store?

– have I told you that I spend about 400 bucks every visit!?!?

I frequent Jollibee too and I’ve asked extra spoon, ketchup, tissue and whathaveyou but was never denied.  I spend an average of 120bucks in Jollibee and the extra things I ask from them equals additional cost – as compared to the spoon of Baang, which they can re-use once washed.

I am just so angry and disappointed.  I called the partner of Randy who was kind enough to listen to me.  Found out that that person was suspended – but actually, I wasn’t happy.  He should have been fired.

I will never set foot again on that store… well, maybe.. they have free wi-fi and that’s all I’m getting.  AMICI, here I go… Amici is just across this store I used to frequent and below Ratsky.  I’ll see you there!



  1. shenski said,

    customer service is so crucial in any business. I too am very specific on how I am treated as a customer.. if an establishment or a company’s customer service is lousy, I shall never get their service again.. even for free. but if I am treated well with respect and accommodates my request i’d be forever loyal to them.

    • rightyritch said,

      i know, right!
      i’ve forgotten about that cafe
      i’m better off with the other cafes 🙂

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