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old friend

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i had dinner with an old friend from high school last friday
the last time we saw each other was more than 10 years ago i think
it felt great! it was like the old times…
we talked about our great moments when we were in high school
and we shared stories we missed during that 10 year period
and the revelations.. hahaha…
one old friend restored and i cant wait to maintain and sustain this friendship
feels good!

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date to donate… a speed dating fund raising event

November 21, 2009 at 10:26 pm (Events) (, )

date to donate! a speed dating fundraising event

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i always pass by East Avenue on my way to work

and the LTO area and the street after that is always a mess!

picture this – the stoplights are working and there are MMDA stationed on those areas

but there is a common sight that’s just hard to grasp – jaywalkers!!!!!

there’s just a bunch always! and right in the faces of those MMDA!

do i see any arrest or just any effort (even weak at that) to remind those people? – NONE… plain NONE

grrrrrrrrrr i wish i can arrest all the jaywalkers…. WAIT FOR YOUR TURN!

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