November 21, 2009 at 10:23 pm (Everyday Living) ()

i always pass by East Avenue on my way to work

and the LTO area and the street after that is always a mess!

picture this – the stoplights are working and there are MMDA stationed on those areas

but there is a common sight that’s just hard to grasp – jaywalkers!!!!!

there’s just a bunch always! and right in the faces of those MMDA!

do i see any arrest or just any effort (even weak at that) to remind those people? – NONE… plain NONE

grrrrrrrrrr i wish i can arrest all the jaywalkers…. WAIT FOR YOUR TURN!


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  1. shenski said,

    oh you should see the Commonewealth Avenue (Manggahan/Litex area) kahit na may footbridge.. eh pilit na tumatawid sa kalye na dinadaanan ng mga rumaragasang sasakyan (kotse, bus, trucks, jeeps).. ang dami nang namamatay at na sasagasaan pero may tumatawid parin.. bata man o matanda.. may harang na nga ng MMDA.. sinisira nila para makadaan parin..

    no wonder di tayo umaasenso 😦

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