Pinoy Big Brother Double Up: Melai vs. Paul Jake

February 15, 2010 at 3:06 am (Boob Tube) (, , , , , , )

I wasn’t happy with the final result!  I wanted Paul Jake to win and I think he deserves it more than Melai.

I think ‘The Big Reveal’ was a way for ABS to pressure the supporters of Melai to exert extra effort to vote for her.  You see, ‘The Big Reveal’ was actually a chance for viewers to see the actual standing of the housemates at that point in time.  Tibo was the 5th placer at that time (did not change during The Big Night), Johan was 4th (did not also change), Jason was 2nd (ended 3rd placer), Melai was 3rd (eventual winner) and Paul Jake was leading (ending as the runner-up).

It wasn’t fair.

I think ABS decided to do that because they can earn more from Melai.  She has the potential of making it in show business after the show (move over, Pokwang) and that she’s the more masa as compared with the ‘rich kid’ persona of Paul Jake (who has always been a target for being that, a rich kid).

It just wasn’t fair.

Paul Jake deserves it more.  He dominated the challenges.  And his was being true to himself without being unapologetic.  He’s confident and so what!?  He’s rich and so what!? Well, that’s the problem with most Filipinos.  You can’t be confident and you can’t be rich coz if you are any of that, they won’t like you.  Screw that!

Well, dang, I feel bad.  I really wanted him to him.  But fine, can’t do anything about it.  I just wanna rant.  Let’s move on…


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