Survivor Fans vs. Favorites

February 15, 2010 at 4:08 am (Boob Tube) (, , , , )

Good thing I didn’t go out last Friday!  While scanning the channels, I chanced upon Jack or Solar TV, with what looks like a Survivor re-run.  I decided to stick with it and found out it was the start of a new season!  Wow!  And what was double WOW about it, it was like an all-star season but it included contestants from way way way back!  Return, Revenge, Redemption indeed!

Woot woot!

I was ecstatic!  Happiness!  Friday nights will never be the same again hahaha (well, I’m still trying to find out their replay schedule so I can still go out on Fridays).  But I was confused… at a loss…. Hmmmm who to root for…. I have rooted most of the players before!  Wow!

Here are the players and some info about them…

The Heroes:

  1. Rupert Boneham of Survivor 7 Pearl Islands and Survivor 8 All Stars. That big guy who won the hearts (not me) of most of the viewers.  He despised Johnny Fairplay.  He was a fan favorite winner thru text I think and took home $1million (I think.. not sure)
  2. James “J.T.” Thomas of Survivor 18 Tocantins.  That country boy who worked hard and almost made it (but didn’t.. sad).
  3. Tom Westman of Survivor 10 Palau.  He won this season.  I hardly remember him though.  I wasn’t that excited about that season.
  4. Colby Donaldson of Survivor 2 Australia and Survivor 8 All Stars.  He was a runner-up in Australia and he was responsible in the ouster of my All-time fave Jerri.  But Jerri got back at him in All Stars.  Hah!  Good for Jerri!
  5. James Clement of Survivor 15 China and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites.  That grave digger with 2 hidden immunity but caught in a blindside.  Stupid hahaha!  Hopefully he learns this time.
  6. Stephenie LaGrossa of Survivor 10 Palau and Survivor 11 Guatemala.  Heard she was very popular during her initial stint.  But I hardly remember her.  Not that hooked on seasons 10 and 11.
  7. Jessica “Sugar” Kiper of Survivor 17 Gabon.  That sweet, emotional pin-up model who mostly stayed in exile but made it to the finals.
  8. Amanda Kimmel of Survivor 15 China and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites.  2-time runner-up (and back-to-back, at that!) who was mostly responsible in a lot of blindsides (with Parvati) in fans vs. favorites.  Will she make it to the finals this time around?  Blindsides!
  9. Candice Woodcock of Survivor 13 Cook Islands.  Candice who? I don’t remember her at all!
  10. Cirie Fields of Survivor 12 Panama and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites.  She’s a trash talking bitch hahaha.  Never liked her that much.  But she was also instrumental in a lot of blindsides in fans vs. favorites with Amanda and Parvati. She should be on the other side!

The Villains:

  1. Ben “Coach” Wade of Survivor 18 Tocantins.  The yoga coach Dragon Slayer.  Weird.  Out of this world.  Weird haha.
  2. Tyson Apostol of Survivor 18 Tocantins.  The ‘better half’ of Coach that season.
  3. Randy Bailey of Survivor 17 Gabon.  He became drunk.  He pissed everyone.  He hated Sugar.  Let’s see if he gets to stay longer.
  4. Russell Hantz of Survivor Samoa.  Your resident bad boy who made an alliance with a lot of people.
  5. Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano of Survivor 4 Marquesas and Survivor 8 All Stars.  Never liked him.  Liked him only in The Amazing Race.  But never liked him in Survivor.  Let’s see.
  6. Courtney Yates of Survivor 15 China.  The thinnest player ever!  But made it to the finals as well.
  7. Sandra Diaz-Twine of Survivor 7 Pearl Islands.  Didn’t notice her until she won.  Well, her ‘under the radar’ strategy worked.  Will it work this time?
  8. Parvati Shallow of Survivor 13 Cook Islands and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites.  The ‘other half’ of Amanda.  The only difference, she won that season.
  9. Jerri Manthey of Survivor 2 Australia and Survivor 8 All Stars.  My all-time fave!  I even have a copy of Playboy with her as the cover haha.  Hopefully she makes it this time!  I’m seriously rooting for her.  But I’m a little confused since I also like the others.  Oh well.  But, Jerri, pls. don’t fall for Coach.. ewwww! Hahaha
  10. Danielle DiLorenzo of Survivor Panama.  Danielle who? I don’t remember her too.

Okay.. somehow I was able to make up my mind while doing the infos above.  I’d like any of the following to win – JERRI, AMANDA, PARVATI or COURTNEY.  Who’s your choice?


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