The Amazing Race Season 16

February 16, 2010 at 2:08 am (Boob Tube) (, , , , , )

The latest season of the Amazing Race (Season 16) just started!  I caught its first episode last night and I was ecstatic (obviously, I’m a reality show junkie! Haha).

Contestants will travel nearly 40,000 miles across five continents and eight countries. Eleven Teams started off by navigating the congested streets of Los Angeles and must rely on public transportation to make their way to LAX (first time this happened). The Teams first destination was Chile (I heard someone say China! Haha) where they completed their first road block.  One team member was required to walk across a cable that was strung up 120 feet above the ground and was the length of a football field.  Then the next challenge was a painting job of the incomplete exterior of a house.

One team didn’t finish the roadblock which was the main reason they got eliminated.  What I found funny was the unexpected painting of a house of one team which was obviously not the house required to be painted (they painted one house’s interior!).

See the complete list of participants below.  Initially, I like the former Big Brother contestants.  Let’s see if I’ll continue to like them as the race progress.

  1. Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd – dating and former Big Brother contestants (Jordan won the show)
  2. Caitlin Upton & Brent Horne – dating models and I heard Caitlin was a previous Miss Teen America contestant who had a youtube sensation with her hilarious answer (I have yet to check this out)
  3. Michael Naylor & Louis Stravato – detective friends from Rhode Island
  4. Jet and Cord McCoy – Rodeo Cowboys brothers – yeehaw!
  5. Dan & Jord – brothers from Barrington, Rhode Island – one is gay…
  6. Jody Kelly and Shannon Foster – Grandmother & Grandaughter
  7. Steven & Allison Smith – football coach father & daughter
  8. Adrian & Dana Davis – African American couple – FIRST CASUALTY
  9. Monique Pryor & LaShawne Steele Morgan – African American Mompreneurs
  10. Carol Rosenfeld & Brandy Snow – Lesbian Couple (hmmm I don’t like them… we’ll see if I’ll have a change of heart)
  11. Joseph & Heidi Wang – Asian couple


  1. shenski said,

    gusto ko yung amazing race asia 🙂

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