Survivor Heroes vs. Villains episode 2

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Did you see what happened to Rob?  Yikes!  That was scary.

Reading news/articles from the ‘net, Rob suffered a bout of the local Samoan flu.  If you get this, it will hit your body very hard with accompanying headache (which would feel like a nail being pounded at the back of your head, doctors say).  Oh no!

Rob was flat out when Jerri found him.  He was shaking and slobbering.  But he’s such a strong guy and was able to recover.  Did I say recovered well?  He led his team to win the 2nd immunity/rewards game (always combined? hmmm) – woot woot!

On the other side of the camp, the supposedly ‘Heroes’ tribe which is clearly falling apart.  There’s no one person who seems to be leading the tribe.  There’s this one person, a strong person at that, whose attitude is so out of this world and is obviously hurting the team (yes, James, I am referring to you).  And this early, the tribe is divided!  There’s the alliance of James, Rupert, Amanda, JT and that of Tom, Stephanie and Colby.  Cirie and Candice are the outsiders of these 2 alliances but obviously decided with the group of James to vote out Stef.  Aw 😦

Who to watch out for in the coming episodes?

I think Cirie is doing a good job the 3rd time around.  She’s playing under the radar and has mastered the art of subtly maneuvering people.  She got Candice now and I think she’ll be able to get Amanda later on and silently plead her case to Tom’s group and James’ group.  Let’s watch out.

What would be great?

Russell to team up with Rob.  A mental player and a physical player combined.  Interesting.

Can’t wait for the next episode!


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