Nescafe Vendo with freebie!

February 22, 2010 at 2:11 am (Everyday Living) (, , , , )


It’s a Monday

You feel good than usual

Not much traffic (schools on holiday)

You arrive early than usual


So not to tire myself, I headed for the vendo

Nescafe vendo

Yummy Cappuccino… just can’t wait!

You got it after paying 12 pesos

‘Ahhhh, it’s really good’

Went back to your cube

Finished half of your Nescafe Cappuccino cup

Then…. ANTS!


I experienced the same thing last week

And I thought it would be different this week

Plain YUCK!

I’m not getting any coffee from that vendo again!

Nescafe, clean your vendos!



  1. nickjr1 said,


  2. rightyritch said,

    they cleaned it already but m not getting from that vendo ever! hehe

  3. abi said,

    ewww, kadire naman yan!!

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