On Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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While writing this, I still haven’t decided if Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief has impressed me or not. I actually didn’t know about this book until I saw the movie trailer and researched on it.

I was intrigued. Its premise is really interesting…. a teenager who finds out that he is a Demigod (half human, half Greek god) and a son of Poseidon. His life was threatened after being accused of stealing the lightning bolt of Zeus. He was then brought to Camp Half-Blood by Grover, his protector and best friend and meets Annabeth, the daughter of Athena. Then the 3 decided to go to the Underworld to talk to Hades to appeal for the life of his mother.

Interesting storyline, right. But I think the movie lacks ‘magic.’ I remember watching Harry Potter for the first time, I was enthralled! Who could forget Platform 9 3/4, the Sorting Hat, Invisibility Cloak, the moving images of frames and the Quidditch Match! This movie didn’t also have a visually magical setting as compared to that of Harry Potter’s. I guess, for me, interesting storyline should be coupled with interesting visual effects to complete the experience.

And Annabeth.. yeah the character Annabeth. A strategist and a person with great wisdom? Didn’t feel it. But what can it actually do? Lemme check the book.

I guess the movie was just okay. It could have been great but it was just okay. If the other books will be made into a movie, then the people behind it should never forget about the ‘magic’ its story brings. It can spell all the difference. But I’d still recommend this movie though.



  1. Jamii said,

    the book is better cuz it has more details. not like the movie, they made it like they were in a hurry. actually percy suppose to be only 12 years old.

    • rightyritch said,

      yeah i heard that same thing.. have not read the book though 😦
      pahiram naman! 🙂
      did you watch clash of the titans? si percy naaalala ko while watching that haha

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