Unlearning is harder

March 1, 2010 at 7:03 pm (Sports) ()

After years of playing badminton, I finally decided to take a formal ‘training’of the game I just love to play.  My motivation – to beat some guys who are full of themselves when in court.  Geez! Haha.

But I never realized it would be that hard.  To learn the basics of badminton is actually hard especially since I need to unlearn some stuffs I acquired along the way.  But I can’t wait to see my game after 12 sessions!  And I can’t wait to beat those guys!  Bring it on!



  1. llisamoss said,

    Badminton is an amazing sport!! I’ve only played it very socially. I look forward to hearing your progress and seeing pics of your smash serves 🙂 You go!!

    • rightyritch said,

      yes yes surely
      will keep you posted
      i have training tonight
      can’t wait! 🙂

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