Notes from last week’s episode

March 9, 2010 at 11:44 am (Boob Tube) (, , , , , , , )

Happy with the result of American Idol last week!  Yehey!  And I was glad that Didi wasn’t sent home! Whew!

I think Haeley is talented but she’s just not ready yet. She’s very relevant and her raw-ness isn’t translating to ready-ness. Experience experience, I guess.  Sigh to John Parks… well he deserves it too!  He’s way toooooo boring.  And way to ordinary.  He’s not very good at all. Shania, what are you thinking!?!?!? And Jermaine… didn’t I say that you’ll not win the title? Opps I forgot to say that you won’t reach the final 12. Sayonara!

Didi… sing all the songs of Katherine Mc Phee this week! Show them what you’ve got!

And I love the outcome of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains last week! The Villains won the rewards and immunity challenges! Yey!

@ Coach… seriously… you can’t take all that crap?!?!? Are you really a Coach? I’m starting to doubt.

@ Russell… he’s next… I just feel it… well he deserves it. Didn’t they say not to look for the idol. Tsk tsk. I’ve rooted for this guy last season because he was very strategic. But this time, he’s become so stupid.

@ Cirie… too bad for the blindside. JT is much worse than James! He should be voted off next!

Can’t wait to watch the latest episodes this week and watch the next casualties go!


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