Wanted: More Developers… send CV’s now! :)

March 10, 2010 at 3:05 am (People) (, , , , , , , )

We are looking for Developers or Software Engineers.  See job description below.  Also, click this link to know more about my company Novare Technologies – http://www.novare.com.hk

Send me your CV’s!  ritchie.ramos@novare.com.hk

We are looking for Technology professionals who are willing to design, develop, and maintain the next generation Enterprise, Web and Mobile technology and platforms.  The Senior Software Engineer must be able to analyze customer requirements, design creative solutions and build ingenious systems to address our customer’s technology needs.


A)      Designs, develops, and maintains application solutions and software for customers based on specifications and requirements.

B)      Integrates, tests, and debugs application solutions and software when deployed in development, test and production environments.

C)      Ensures complete delivery of all customer requirements and documentation.

D)      Manages and maintains resources and artifacts necessary for the completion of ones projects such as tools, source code, documentation, project and time tracking information and customer information.

E)      Tests and experiments with new tools and technologies that will help in designing and developing software for current and future requirements.

F)      Ensures that team members are able to complete all their tasks, as well as, administrative and documentary requirements.

G)     Regularly provides a progress report on the team’s activities and projects.

H)      Reviews work done by members assigned to ones project team.

I)         Performs other duties as assigned by management from time to time.

Occasional Duties (duties or tasks done on a monthly, yearly, or an occasional basis).

A)      Occasionally performs training lectures and sessions on assigned software development and other technology topics.

B)      Mentors junior members of the team on software development practices, technology developments and corporate rules and regulations



  1. Yvhes1104 said,

    It would be better if you can also post the monthly salary. My blog readers which I am helping look for homebased and office based jobs would be interested to apply to this. If you can let me know the salary, I would appreciate it.

    Virtual Admin Assistant

  2. Top IT Companies based on Employee Salaries « Rightyritch’s Weblog said,

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  3. Henry said,

    why not post your jobs here… maraming pinoy don


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