Mt. Pinatubo Adventure

March 21, 2010 at 4:09 am (Travel) (, , , )

An adventure indeed!

Eva, Rex, Cher and I (we missed Mike!) decided to see Mt. Pinatubo last March 13  in lieu Batanes.  Mike wasn’t able to join us because the meeting time has been set initially @ 330am (actually it became 2am when the organizers found out about the Balikatan exercise!). D daw nya kaya gumising hehe.

The travel to the crater involved a 1 and a half 4×4 ride and 20-30 minutes trekking.  But it was worth it!  The Mt. Pinatubo Crate Lake is a beauty!  It was an unexpected exhilirating sight to witness!  Wow!

The only downside to this trip was another adventure I want to forget… we had to wait 5 and a half hours in the lonely and dry land around Pinatubo to finish the ongoing Balikatan exercise!  ‘nak ng!  Buti na lang nagbaon kami despite the announcement of the organizer for us not to bring our foods since we’ll be back before lunch!  Whew!

But it was worth it…. I might go back.. with a different travel agency (Travel Factor…. BAN!)



  1. desiree morales said,

    oi sama ko next time!!!

  2. cher said,

    pasalamat ka sa rice ko! inaapi mo pa rice and ulam baon ko nun! =D

    • rightyritch said,

      pasalamat sa ulam mo! sa rice hindi kasi d ako kumain hihi

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