Hosting job boo-boos

March 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm (Events) (, , , , , , , , )

Attended this Sales and Marketing seminar last week.  Encountered several Boo Boo incidents of the hosts and one speaker. Just thought of sharing hehe…

Boo Boo 1:

This DJ host had a major boo-boo!  Obviously, she didn’t look at the program of the event and didn’t care to look at the profiles of the speakers.

DJ Host:  Sino ang may FB sa inyo.. taas ang kamay.  E sinong may (name of competitive site)?  Teka, may (name of competitive site) pa ba?

Apparently, one of the host is the Marketing Head of that social networking site!


Boo Boo 2:

The 2 hosts talking about cars.  Girl host asked the guy host what type of car would he be?  The guy responded and proceeded to ask the girl host.  The girl host then answered ‘Jaguar coz I’m sexy.’  The guy then said ‘Kia ka lang!’

KIA KA LANG?  Wow ano kaya masasabi ng Brand Manager ng Kia and what if nandun sya…

Boo Boo 3:

One speaker mentioned he recently resigned from this used-to-be popular social networking site (last week).  He then proceeded with his topic…. and what have you, he used his competitive site as an example (saying he resigned anyway) and on his last slide, he provided his username from his competitive site.


In my book, that’s what you call bitter, hypocrite and not loyal.  Tsk tsk…


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