Wanted: Marketing OJT

March 30, 2010 at 9:30 am (Marketing thingie) (, , , )

You might know someone – i’m looking for a Marketing OJT

Email me CV’s – ritchie.ramos@novare.com.hk


The OJT for Marketing will assist the Marketing Department in its projects by conducting market research, telemarketing and coordination with business contacts and partners.


Regular Duties (duties or tasks done on a daily or weekly basis)

1. Coordinate meetings, deals/negotiations of the Marketing group with internal and external clients. Includes coordination of logistics, as well as taking down of minutes and follow-up of next steps/action items.

2. Conducts market research (what’s new in the market, competitors, demographics etc.) and data gathering.

3. In-charge of end-to-end implementation of Marketing events (company initiated or company sponsored events). Includes creation of project proposal, coordination with internal and external (suppliers, design agency, sponsoring company, etc) groups and actual booth/venue set-up and manning.

4. Prepares reports when needed (such as minutes of the meeting) and collates urgent documents for filing (such as documents for accreditation). 5. In-charge of inventory of company and marketing materials.

Occasional Duties (duties or tasks done on a monthly or an occasional basis).

1. Delivers urgent documents such as contracts to clients.

2. Attends company events such sports events and or partner-sponsored events.

3. Assists other departments in doing research and reports.

4. Performs other duties assigned by management from time to time.


A. Minimum Education.

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, business management or any equivalent course

B. Skills

1. Communication Skills – Must be able to communicate ideas effectively and in a pleasing manner, whether on the written page or through verbal communication.

2. Marketing and Research Skills – Must be able to create a marketing plan and pinpoint a target market for specific products and suggest a course of action to approach the market.

3. Events Management Skills – Must be able to implement events in an effective and efficient manner; Must know how to plan and create a marketing plan or project proposal.

4. Creative Thinking Skills — Must be able to think out of the box; Must be able brainstorm and come up with new ideas with ease; Must be open to innovation

5. Leadership and Personal Effectiveness — Must be able to work effectively in a team and be able to motives one’s peers. Must be able to elicit trust and confidence from one’s team.



  1. nestor said,

    Good day Sir,

    I am in need of an on the job training for my course requirement (Marketing).
    Are you still looking for applicants?
    Please inform me. You can email me at komzkie01@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  2. Joanne said,

    Hope you’re still looking for marketing interns. I need 240 hrs internship that may start as soon as possible.

  3. Mylene said,

    Hope you’re still looking for marketing interns. I need 240 hrs internship that may start as soon as possible.

  4. alamin said,

    I was looking for few excellent blogs for my project. Yours is one of them. It was very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.

    Md.Alamin Khan

  5. ak said,

    sir what company?

  6. arlyn villa said,

    I’m a third year marketing management student of Polytechnic University of hte Philippines looking for an on-the-job-training. May I know what company and where located is this? Thank you for your repsponse.

  7. Nap said,

    Is this offer still open? Cause I need 480 hours of OJT as a major requirement for my course BS-Entrepreneurship in De Lasalle Canlubang.

  8. Vanessa said,

    Is the position still available? I am taking up a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Mass Communication minor in Advertising, and Bachelor in Science Degree major in Marketing. I am looking for an ojt as a requirement for my major in Marketing. Thank you

  9. Pamela said,

    available pa po ba toh? Im taking up ABMC-ADvertising..

  10. keldrappin said,

    are you still looking for practicumers? im taking up AB Communication Arts major in advertisng

  11. keldrappin said,

    thank you Sir, already sent!

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