Boring Idol

April 28, 2010 at 12:09 pm (Boob Tube) (, , , , , , , , )

Eversince the departure of Didi Benami, I’m no longer as excited to watch the performance and elimination episodes of American Idol.

I was okay with the elimination of Lacey Brown (first to be eliminated from the top 12 last March 17) and Paige Miles (March 24).  But Didi (March 31), no!  Fine, she wasn’t improving and wasn’t as good when she was in Hollywood during the audition week.  But….. I think she’ll come out of her shell soon!  They didn’t give her a chance!

Didi is a complete package.. beautiful with unique voice… imagine Sarah Bareilles. Nice!  She can give Katherine McPhee a run for her money!  Didi even sang Katherine’s song a lot better (see my previous blog on her/Didi).

Anyway, Idol is now down to 6.  Michael Lynche was supposed to be a casualty a week after Didi left but he was saved (I don’t agree! The judges should have saved Didi!).  The week after, Idol said goodbye to Andrew Garcia (it was about time… I really think he is overrated!) and Katie Stevens in a double elimination as a result of the saving of Michael the week prior.  And just last week, we lost Tim Urban (he made it to top 7 which is… Wow! Unexpected! Haha).

There’s no one to root for anymore (well, for me).  Well, okay.. I’m okay with Lee. Let me count the ways.

Lee has a rock solid good singing voice!  And his performances have been very consistent so far… Lee reminds of David Cook…but a more subtle David Cook.  Remove ‘rock’ and/or ‘edge’ to David, and you got Lee.  Lee just needs a little confidence.  Look at the transformation of Elliot Yammin!  Lee has potential!

Lee is better than Aaron.  Aaron is not even as good as David Archuleta.  No personality.  He can sing but not as great as Lee.

Lee is better than Siobhan.  Siobhan is only good when she’s shouting.  If she’s not shouting, she’s as plain as Paris Hilton! Haha

Lee is better than Michael.  Michael is overconfident!  And that ‘pouty’ lips – I-R-R-I-T-A-T-I-N-G!

Lee is better than Casey.  Casey is not even as good as Bo Bice.  Casey thinks he’s all good looking and all talented but he’s just a plain bloke… I think!

Lee is better than Crystal.  Well, Crystal’s performances have been generating a lot of buzz but she’s not commercially appealing!  Lee is more commercial.  Lee will sell more albums while Crystal… well, she’ll get more approval from the critics but not album sales.  Crystal is actually the better version of Lilly Scott.

This season reminds of the season of Jordin Sparks.  BORING. Unappealing.  They should bring Didi back!


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