We’re Hiring! Apply Na! :)

May 2, 2010 at 2:30 am (Job Opening) (, , , , , , )

Wanted: Pre-Sales Consultant for an IT company.

See job description below.  Also, click this link to know more about my company Novare Technologies – http://www.novare.com.hk

Send me your CV’s pls!  ritchie.ramos@novare.com.hk

Job Responsibilities

§  In general, provide technical assistance to sales representatives (account managers) during sales activities, which includes the following responsibilities:

§   Provide product or solution presentation, system demonstration, Proof-of-Concept, initial requirements gathering and technical proposal creation

§   Understand prospective customer’s business and technical requirements

§   Determine and/or devise an appropriate solution based on the company’s product and skills portfolio, to meet the customer’s needs

§  Determine competitive product strengths and weakness, and establish a value proposition to the customer

§  Liaise with 3rd-party technology partners and vendors for specific customer opportunities/engagements

§  Identify and communicate internally, new product features and additional sales opportunities during sales engagements

Job Requirements:

§  Have at least 1 year experience under the same capacity in a software development firm

§  Have at least 2 years in a “customer facing” environment such as sales or technical consulting

§   Have Strong technical, communication, presentation, and teamwork skills are essential to the performance of this position.

§  Be self-driven, good in communication, and interpersonal skills

§  Have good technical writing skills

§   Be able to work independently with minimum supervision, proactive, and willing to learn

§  Be results oriented

§   Have excellent analytical skills and ability to resolve problems quickly.

Qualifications not required, but would be a ‘plus’:

§   Experience, knowledgeable in mobility and telco solutions


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