i Heart Cambodia!

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Yes, I do!

After months of waiting, I finally conquered Siem Reap! And my expectations were all met! Woot woot!

Went with my friends from previous work and the more they made this trip a memorable one! It was an exciting experience! Exploring the temples and having a taste of Cambodia’s culture was, indeed, a learning experience.

Cambodians are nice people! From our driver Song, to the hotel’s receptionist, to the waiters and to the stall owner’s! I just enjoyed dealing with them… well, I got a little tired (well maybe a little more haha) negotiating with the sellers in the old and night markets. They gave me a hard time with their merchandise! But it was fun and all worth it! I got my money’s worth, I think hahaha!

Paying in US Dollars was a little intimidating. But what can we do…. I estimated to spend only about $100 for my entire Cambodia trip (even noting that I’ll be eating like a King! Haha) but I actually spent double that amount ($200). So better prepare more to survive any Cambodia trip financially 🙂

Their airport looks like a resort! Just enough size but cozy.  That explains the very pricey terminal fee (@ $25/each)

Again – i Heart Cambodia! I can’t wait to go back!


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Travel Wallet for sale!

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When on journey, our travel wallet will come in handy as it can house your small but terribly essential assets — IDs, passport, ticket, credit cards, cash, coins and pens. You won’t need a bag, no need to bulk your pockets or worry about holding them with your hands all the time because it has a strap that can easily be attached to your belt, hence, assuring your comfort and the safety of your essentials anywhere you go. It has dual zippers for double durability. Available in two colors and materials –plain black and beige, is made of ballistic and canvas, respectively, the latter being perfect for advocates of eco-friendly stuff.

Message me for orders.

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